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January 21, 2008

Women and science blogs….

Filed under: Psychology — Laura Freberg @ 12:21 pm

Ivan Oransky of blog made an interesting point this week. Reporting from the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference about a gender/race in blogging panel, Ivan tells us that about 22% of the blogs on are women. This sounds eerily similar to the relatively low representation of women in science and engineering as a whole.

Women appear to start more blogs in general than men, so their rates among science bloggers is particularly noticeable. Even women in Saudi Arabia are using blogging as a welcome means of self-expression. Check out Bloggers Blog: Women and Blogging for some more fascinating examples of female blogs.

Ivan recommends that we promote women’s science blogs as a way of encouraging other women to begin. I can already mention Greta Munger, who with her husband Dave, brings us the wonderful Cognitive Daily. If you know other terrific sites, please pass them along to me, and we’d be happy to feature them (that goes for the guys’ sites, too).

One Response to “Women and science blogs….”

  1. ccallag Says:

    I definetely think women should be more represented in science. In such a man-dominated field, it is refreshing to see women sharing their knowledge because I feel it gives a different perspective on the subject. I think women’s blogs would be interesting because women are biologically good with verbal communications.


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