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     Minds to Ponder:

     “Everything that irritates
us about others can lead us to an understanding of

     - Nietzsche


     "Be not afraid of life.
     Believe that life is worth
     living, and your belief
     will help create the fact."

     William James


     “Part of living a healthy
     life is paying attention
     to friends and family.”

     John Cacioppo


     "Our goals are the subgoals
     of the ultimate goal of the
     genes, replicating

     Steven Pinker


Ancient Egyptian



Happy 2015!

Welcome Colleagues, students,
friends and fellow internet explorers!

I have THREE great books to show you this year! The first is our very successful "Discovering Psychology -- the Science of Mind!" 2E written with John Cacioppo of the University of Chicago, a brilliant psychologist. Few scientists are as perceptive to where our field is going as is John. You can read all about him by clicking on our New Psychology edition book on the left!

My second book is a wonderful textbook that reflects the evolution of the study of the biological strutures underlying behavior. "Discovering Neuroscience -- an Introduction to Biological Psychology" reflects the latest scientific thinking in this rapidly evolving field. These books hold a high level of accuracy, currency and a student-friendly writing style that will help all students achieve a mastery of the subject!

My GRE Preparation Guide will be out this year and I think in it are a lot of helpful tests, guides and updates for those who wish to take their Psychology to 'the next level'!

I feel passionately about these books and I believe that if you take a look, you will love them as I do!


Come back again soon and see what new things we are doing!.

 PS. I would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions and
email me !




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