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Ancient Egyptian




Here are a few more things that I had on
my front page and now archived


Over 30 years ago, I worked on experiments that attempted  
to duplicate the intoxicating effects Marula Berries had on
African Elephants:

Here's something you might like derived from fermented
Marula berries:

Special Carrot Cake with Amarula!



How can YOU tell ....
if someone is lying to you?




My daughter is in South Africa & has asked for
our family recipe for Carrot Cake.

I think she wants to do something special while
she's there... so here it is Karen!

Click for recipe'


...with my daughter Karen at her final
Southern California Trojans Track Banquet


Well, things have finally settled down now that the football season is over! We had season tickets which made it special!

Karen graduated from Florida... so we had a lively rivalry during the Championship game, too!

Hope your holidays were as fun!




I have just started a
Blog  on all things Psychology!

Please keep checking back as my
Blog has just started
and I plan to update it frequently!


Responding to the
 student's need to have affordable materials,
we have put together a
soft cover version of
our successful text Discovering
Biological Psychology!

Our book contains two parts:
TEXT & the Study Guide!

Click here to Read More!


Click here for my "Web Ex" presentation on Problem Based Learning !


Judging from the wonderful response, I am told we have a hit!

Gratefully, I would like to thank all of the people who have made the introduction of Discovering Biological Psychology a resounding success!

The acceptance by my colleagues in North America and our exciting adoptions around the world is very gratifying! Your feedback and support has been critical to our success. Thank you!

On my site, you will find a message board for students and anyone interesting in discussing or 'discovering' biological psychology; I hope you like it.









It once took weeks, to meet people in the field and stay current. Please feel free to explore our site and any suggestions or comments are sincerely appreciated.


For short Houghton-Mifflin video interviews of Laura Freberg
discussing her latest text
Discovering Biological Psychology
click here!



By Request: 2 Problem Based Learning Exercises

Problem based learning (PBL) has been used extensively as a substitute or adjunct for the standard lecture format of instruction.  In a nutshell, a problem is submitted to small groups (4-6) of students. The problem relates to a central concept of the course, but should be just beyond the immediate reach of the students. It should be "real world" and engaging, and multiple solutions should be possible.

Gayle Brosnan-Waters and I  published in the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education an article on "Information Competency" with plenty of examples that you may wish to use in your classroom!

Promoting Information Competency in Biological Psychology (Laura A. Freberg and Gayle Brosnan-Watters)
"Information competency refers to skills that allow a student to identify appropriate sources of information, evaluate information critically, and use it ethically. Although the sudden increase of information available in electronic form has stimulated interest in information competency, the basic principles apply to all sources of information, including print. Information competency is especially critical in biological psychology."


Teaching Biological Psychology (my APS powerpoint presentation)

My 2005 APS Convention Photos


Teaching Biological Psychology: A Spoonful of Sugar
Thursday May 26, 2005, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

The Biological Psychology course is a daunting challenge for instructors. After all, what can compare with making classical conditioning in sea slugs relevant to the average college sophomore? By bringing in some fun (yes, brain worms really do exist), we give students the incentive they need to work hard.




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