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Ancient Egyptian




Here are a few of the things that I had on
my front page and now archived -- some features have changed, for example my 'message board' is now a 'blog':




Faculty of the Year Award
 (2009, 1994 & 1991)
from Disabled Students Association


My colleagues are....

Consulting dbp adopter Dr. Skirmantis Janusonis
of U.C Santa Barabara's  department of
Neuroscience & Behavior


Friends, Colleagues & Visitors to my blog:

 It has been fun to see who is picking up my blog around
 the globe! New friends come from many
wonderful places!


"teaching is FUNdamental!"

I have always  loved sports  and over the years I
enjoy competing, especially at Mini-Golf! Here I
am today on the left and with my late brother
 Leroy  Sievers on the right battling it out!


It's always fun to add a new book to my library!
Here's the latest I found from Charles Darwin entitled:
The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1897)

Certainly a book for anyone who has enjoyed animals!

Mark Ridley of Scientific American writes:

"The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals is
 one of Darwin's most readable works. It is alive with anecdotes,
 literary quotations and his own observations of his friends
 and children. Artificial intelligence nerds, neuropsychiatric
white-coats and magazine psychobabblers all have some way
 to go in understanding the emotions, and there will be no
better inspiration for them (and the rest of us) than the ideas
of one of the master intellects of all time"


By the way, not all knowledge is best found on the internet,
when you read the original work, a unique understanding is
gained. Books of historical significance will always have a place
in our field. They give us the opportunity to view the authors
 in the context of their work and in their time.  Not long ago I
 found a quote attributed to William James and discovered that
 he had been misquoted for decades. The message here is that it
pays to read the original.
 With libraries closing around the world,
we have a great opportunity to acquire wonderful books for
Here's part of my Psychology Library and how
I built it.



Karen wrote a nice post about our experience!

A wonderful Cheesecake Recipe with Amarula!

Here's the Recipe!

2007 USC - UCLA Rivalry Football Game




It's football season again!


The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education
has just published their REVIEW of my textbook
Discovering Biological Psychology. I would like to sincerely
thank the Journal for their very supportive review.

If you have a chance, I would appreciate your feedback!







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