I am always asked by my students to provide a list of Psychology Blogs and the related fields. Sometimes I turn this into a lesson on ‘information competency’ challenging the student to test the validity of their information source.

Two major organizations have ranked the top 100 or so blogs in and around the field of Psychology, I feel honored to be listed in both.

Follow this link and enjoy your visit to the best Psychology blogs on the web!


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Sherilyn · April 15, 2010 at 12:02 pm

I just finished reading about the social networking self disclosure that people end up doing when they are online. The research is true at least in my social grouping because I know friends that have met people online to start dating and they end up talking about everything over text message before they even meet. Online can be a nice thing to find out information about things but dating should be done in person, or at least the self disclosure part. I think that if people end up expressing their feelings too much over text or any other form of technology, the face to face contact will slowly diminish and arguments and problems will only be worked out through technology.