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Update on Loneliness.

John Cacioppo gave an excellent radio interview about Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection on the Diane Rehm show on American University Radio. You can listen here and subscribe to a transcript here. The show is also available as an iTunes podcast. It was obvious from the Read more…

By Laura Freberg, ago

The Psychology of Hackers

I’m feeling picked on this summer. First, my credit card was hijacked, and I spent several hours with the very kind people at the bank straightening out my account, going through statements, saying these are mine, those are not, and so on. Next, my blog was hacked, which resulted in Read more…

By Laura Freberg, ago

More about Leroy

My brother’s passing after a heroic battle with cancer continues to generate some very moving tributes. Of course, there are the professional tributes from his media colleagues. But most meaningful of all, and most personal, are the posts by his wife Laurie, and the many comments from “ordinary folks” who Read more…

By Laura Freberg, ago