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A Positive View of the Selfie

We’ve all seen horror stories of people falling off docks and cliffs and killing animals in the name of taking the best “selfies.” What motivates people to risk so much for that perfect self-portrait? Many researchers began with an assumption […]

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readings in psychology for 7 september 2017 #intropsych #biopsych #PsychScience #psychology

My daughter is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville and loves to share and help students and other professors learn social media. She’s presented all over the world and quoted by Forbes and USA Today among other prestigious […]

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  • Ronnie gets an energetic start to her Aussie day with her Milk Bone treats!

A Healthy and Happy Start with Ronnie the Superdog

My family loves a friendly competition. In the past, it’s been all about who could win the family Mario Kart tournaments and games of Hearts, but these days, we’re making fitness more of a priority. These days, it’s about who […]

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readings in psychology for 30 june 2016 #PsychScience #psychology #intropsych #biopsych

  Here is what I am reading today: Music early help learning languages? “Language and music both require rhythm; otherwise they don’t make any sense. They’re also both built from smaller units – syllables and musical beats. And the process […]

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Readings in psychology for 16 may 2016 #PsychScience #Psychology #intropsych #biopsych

heres what we’re reading today: mathematics and the brain “Scientists have just revealed that the brain has a network of brain regions involved in advanced mathematics, as well as simpler arithmetic operations. This network is only activated when numbers are […]

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