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  Heartfelt  Acknowledgments



               New and Expanded Student Learning Aids

          ■ Interim Summary Tables  Because users of the First Edition told me their students found these tables especially helpful, I added many more of them in the Second Edition.

          ■ Margin Definitions  The standard approach to margin definitions is to provide them only for  key terms—the terms students will be held responsible for knowing on exams. But I think it is more helpful to students to define all the technical and medical terms with which the average college sophomore may be unfamiliar.

          ■ Key Terms List  At the end of each chapter I provide an alphabetized “short list” of the terms  (with page references) that students should master in this course.

     As the Second Edition goes to press, I feel that I have done everything possible to accomplish the goals I set out to achieve: to update and refine the content, enhance student interest, and augment student learning. Nevertheless, I view this text as a work in progress. Please take a moment to share  your thoughts and suggestions with me:


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You can't pick up a newspaper or surf along the internet and not find some  issue that raises
an interest and curiosity among our students. Since more and more of these stories are
relevant to our subject, we have included them for discussion.


Learning objectives

Students want to know what they will be held accountable and precise 'learning objectives'
helps to reduce any unnecessary anxiety. Our unquestionably thorough test bank is accurate,
fair and comprehensive.



Nothing detracts from an otherwise great textbook than issues of accuracy.
We have gone to great effort to insure that your textbook is not only accurate
but at the cutting edge of our field in coverage.


Learning via history

The history of our field can be traced to time immemorial. From Dr. Ladd's first textbook entitled "Physiological Psychology" our subject is constantly evolving and our perspectives changing.
We have endeavored to point out interesting developments on the way to our present view.


Interim summaries

Students find it important to take ' a breather' within the chapter and our interim summaries help to consolidate learning in a clear and concise manner.



      By the way, always feel free to contact me with any requests ,
comments, suggestions and I'll do what  I  can to help!





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