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  Heartfelt  Acknowledgments


                High Faculty & Student Interest Features

     In addition to the continued effort to insert student-engaging tid bits of information throughout the text narrative, I have added and/or expanded the following features:

              Dramatic Visuals Some of the best visuals in Biological Psychology were developed , expanded and improved for the second edition. Color photographs replaced black and white and  illustrations were developed with meticulous accuracy.

              ■ Margin Quotations   Also new to the Second Edition, lively little quotes in the margins help to liven up the moment for readers.

          "Quitting smoking is easy; I have done it thousands of times." Mark Twain

                             Dramatic visuals

Poor examples, photographs or overly simplistic drawings detract from an otherwise
exacting text. Our choices of photographs, the excellence in which they are rendered
coupled with some of the best illustrations developed for us make our text very compelling
and increase student interest.

                              Emerging issues

Few fields of study are as dynamic as Biological Psychology. New insights , discoveries
and innovative techniques make the field challenging to present. In addition, social
considerations play a large part in shaping our behavior and we address many of these
issues. 'Nature via Nurture' is a theme.

                                 Real examples

Nothing makes a textbook feel 'real' to students than examples from everyday life.


                           Relevant quotes

Quotes from a wide variety of sources are included.  From Albert Einstein , Nelson Mandela,
 John F. Kennedy to the Ancient Greek Herodotus to Jane Austin and J.K. Rowling to
William James and many other scientists over the ages are featured.  Each quote was
 picked as to it's relevance to the subject with some serious to whimsical.

Quotes provide an interesting  diversion for our students by which they can think about
the subject in a new context.



Thank you for taking the time to review this material.

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