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  Disabilities Resource Center's
Faculty of the Year

2009, 1994 & 1991

Accepting My Award and Trying Not to Cry

I had a nice surprise from the Cal Poly Disabilities Resource Center–an award for “outstanding contributions to students with disabilities”–that I received at their
 annual awards banquet today. This is actually the third time I’ve been given
the award–the previous times were 1991 and 1994–but it always means a
great deal to me.

I don’t think I do anything particularly special to merit this recognition, but
 having a lot of family members with dyslexia and a daughter with autism, I guess I
try to treat my students with disabilities the way I would want my family to be treated.

However, I have always believed that if you learn how to teach people who
have learning disabilities Biological Psychology, then you have found an easy
and simple way for anyone to learn! My textbook wasn't dumbed down, it was
designed to make learning easy and natural and this is how I like to teach.
Learning should be fun.

  It was just a really warm event, and it was an honor to be there.

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