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  Heartfelt  Acknowledgments




         I am enormously grateful for the team that Cengage assembled to help make this
         book a reality. First, I would like to thank my professional colleagues who reviewed
         the many drafts of this text, in both editions, during all stages of development:

          John Agnew, University of Colorado at Boulder

          James E. Arruda, Mercer University

          Giorgio Ascoli, George Mason University

          Jeffrey S. Bedwell, University of Central Florida

          Virginia Bridwell, Bellevue College

          Gayle Brosnan-Watters, Slippery Rock University

          John P. Bruno, Ohio State University

          Allen E. Butt, Indiana State University

          David A. Cater, John Brown University

          James R. Coleman, University of South Carolina

          Bob Ferguson, Buena Vista University

          Aaron Ettenberg, University of California, Santa Barbara

          Thomas M. Fischer, Wayne State University

          John P. Galla, Widener University

          Ben Givens, Ohio State University

          Karen Glendenning, Florida State University

          C. Hardy, Colubia College

          James G. Holland, University of Pittsburgh

          Richard Howe, College of the Canyons

          Robert A. Jensen, Southern Illinois University

          Camille Tessitore King, Stetson University

          Norman E. Kinney, Southeast Missouri State University

          Paul J. Kulkosky, Colorado State University Pueblo

          Gloria Lawrence, Wayne State College

          Simon LeVay

          Charles F. Levinthal, Hofstra University

          David R. Linden, West Liberty State College

          Michael R. Markham, Florida International University

          Richard Mascolo, El Camino College

          Robert L. Matchock, Penn State University

          Janice E. McPhee, Gulf Coast University

          Jody Meerdink, Nebraska Wesleyan University

          Maura Mitrushina, California State University Northridge

          Robert R. Mowrer, Angelo State University

          Mark Nawrot, North Dakota State University

          David W. Pittman, Wofford College

          Jerome L. Rekart, Rivier College

          John C. Ruch, Mills College

          Lawrence J. Ryan, Oregon State University

          Carl Samuels, Glandale Community College

          Anthony C. Santucci, Manhattanville College

          Virginia F. Saunders, San Francisco State University

          Sheralee Tershner, Western New England College

          C. Robin Timmons, Drew University

          Linda L. Walsh, University of Northern Iowa

          Frank M. Webbe, Florida Institute of Technology

          Stephen P. Weinert, Cuyamaca College

          Margaret H. White, California State University Fullerton

          Xiojuan Xu, Grand Valley State University

          Robert M. Zacharko, Carleton University

          Ronald Baenninger, Temple University

          Joseph H. Porter, Virginia Commonwealth University

          Cynthia Gibson, Creighton University

          Marcello Spinella, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


     The many instructors who responded to market research surveys and interviews over the past several years have also contributed greatly to the text and its ancillaries. I would like to give a special thank you to several colleagues. Simon LeVay is not only a gifted researcher but a truly elegant writer. His careful review of the chapter on sexual behavior is deeply appreciated.   Marie Banich at the University of Colorado at Boulder provided her expert opinions on the art program, and Gayle Brosnan-Watters at Slippery Rock University contributed many helpful suggestions as a reviewer and while working with me on the first edition of the Test Bank.

     John Cacioppo of the University of Chicago generously shared his considerable insight into the social aspects of neuroscience. Larry Butcher of UCLA, one of my former professors, provided valuable assistance in the fine tuning of one of my figures. Rick Howe and the students and faculty of the psychology department at College of the Canyons in California not only took the time to meet with me to share their reactions to the First Edition, but fed me cookies as well.

     At Cengage, Jane Potter, Senior Sponsoring Editor for Psychology, has championed
my text through two editions.
Mary Falcon, my development editor for the Second Edition, was  my sounding board and partner every step of the way. Pat Waldo, senior project manager, guided the production of the text and coordinated innumerable aspects of the art and text program.Photo researcher Lisa Jelly Smith, tenaciously pursued the photos that enliven the text. Vernon Boes, Art Director, guided our design to new hights in appeal and useabilty. I would also like to thank the many other capable and creative professionals at Cengage who contributed to this project in ways large and small over the years of its development.

     Finally, I would like to thank my family for their patience and support. Roger, my husband of 40 years, read every word, helped me choose photos, and even contributed some of our original sketches when I had trouble articulating what I wanted to show.

     My daughters, Kristin, Karen, and Karla, frequently offered their encouragement and student perspectives. In particular, I would like to dedicate this edition to two of my former readers who passed away this year: my mother, June Sievers, and my brother, Leroy Sievers, a gifted writer and Emmy-winning news producer. I will miss their advice. I am very much indebted to all.













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