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How to Build a Psychology Library!

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Building a Library of Psychology

Whether you are a beginning Psychology student, a new Ph.D.,
or a veteran Professor, building your own library of Psychology texts
and references is a pleasure all its own. Whether your library is at
 home or in your office, having some of the original works at your
finger tips allows you the opportunity to see what was actually
said, not what someone thought they said.

In our home, I have a special reading spot in a 150 year old over
 stuffed rocker. It is a great place to curl up with the proverbial
 good book. Over the years, we have acquired hundreds of
wonderful books, but I am most proud of my little collection
of original books from some of the greatest thinkers in Psychology.
 In addition to textbooks in most of the fields of Psychology,
 I have collected a few of special interest to me.

"The psychologist Geoff Miller has called it a 'paradigm shift':
the restoration of human nature into discussions of human
 behaviour, political policy and social organisation. Where once
the idea of human nature was treated with suspicion and ridicule,
today there is barely a human activity for which someone does not
 have an evolutionary account....Pinker's reputation both as one
of the finest science writers of his generation and as a
swashbuckling champion of evolutionary psychology and the
computational theory of mind."

(exerpts from
Kenan Malik's review)

Here are more samples from my library:



In Principles of Psychology
, William James discusses habit,
the nature of emotion, the phenomenology of attention,
the stream of thought, the perception of space, and the
 multiplicity of self. His conclusions are still widely cited and
incorporated into contemporary theoretical accounts of these

B.F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner's Behavior of Organisms
Sigmund Freud

Freud's Interpretation of Dreams


My William James Section:

William James' Talks to Teachers on Psychology -- In my
humble opinion, one of James' most interesting and personal works.
This is an inexpensive addition to anyone's psychology library.

William James' Human Immortality

William James' The Will to Believe

William James' The Meaning of Truth -- the sequel to Pragmatism

William James' Pragmatism -- When we describe someone as
'pragmatic', we are referring to concepts defined in this work.

William James' Principles of Psychology (~600 pages) nicknamed
 the 'Jimmy". As one can imagine, there was a great demand for
 an 'Essentials' version of his full length, ground breaking book.

William James' Principles of Psychology 1890 (~1400 pages)
nicknamed the 'James'. This great two volume textbook was the
 standard from the first edition in the US in 1890 (Britain 1891) until
long past its final edition in the 1930's. If one peruses the table
of contents, the basic structure is very similar to many of
today's Introductory Psychology textbooks.

For a revealing look into the life and times of William James allow
me to recommend:

William James web site by Frank Pajares of
Emory University


George Ladd

What we most often refer to today as "biological psychology" was
referred to as "physiological psychology" for over a hundred years.
William James referenced Dr. Ladd's textbook a number of times in
 his pivotal work.

Ladd's Physiological Psychology 1878

Ladd taught at Yale from 1881 until his retirement in 1906.
Influenced by Hermann Lotze, he worked primarily in experimental
 psychology and founded the psychology laboratory at Yale."


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