Art Program Sample

My scanner obviously doesn't do justice to the remarkable art program found in Discovering Biological Psychology, but you can get the flavor for what is in store for instructors and students alike with the images below describing -- in detail -- the process of audition.

As you can see, our art program features progressive magnifications and the use of terms exactly as they appear in the text. Illustrations of anatomical pathways also feature flowcharts to aid student mastery. Illustrations of processes, such as transduction in rods, include "talking boxes" that make the sequences of events easy to follow.

Special to Discovering Biological Psychology: Definitions & Pronunciation Guides for Key Terms appear in the margin!

Helen Keller was asked if she could have either her hearing or her vision, which would she choose? She chose hearing. Visual impairments, she said, separate you from things; hearing loss separates you from people. 

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page 192-193 Houghton Mifflin

updated: 05/01/2008

scanning contributed by Karla

2007,  Laura Freberg; animations 2007, Karla Freberg