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How to Build a Psychology Library!

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Steven Pinker --
Many artists and scholars have pointed out that ultimately art depends on human nature.

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Ancient Egyptian



ISBN : 0-618-74167-4

One of the things that we really try to do...
 is listen to your needs as instructors
and help provide the support that you
need and in the format that you can use!

Every page of our soft cover edition
is displayed in the same high quality
 manner as the hard cover -- I insisted
on this -- with one very special addition!

I have incorporated the student study
guide into the text which students
are finding very useful in the mastery of
this often challenging subject.

Our text's -- often copied-- illustrations,
 key definitions in the margins and
well written text increases
student understanding and subject

In the example on the left, we have
a complete visual explanation of the
auditory system which combined with
clear and concise writing moves the
student along effortlessly.

The study guide incorporates all that
you would expect from an aid to
students, including multiple choice

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